Sunday Morning 2018-06-24

Photo by Gregory Morit on Unsplash

Algunes lectures potser interessants d’aquesta setmana.

Romain Gary: The greatest literary conman ever?

Hero of the French resistance, consul general in Los Angeles, Hollywood director and two-times winner of the Prix Goncourt (technically impossible according to the award’s rubric).

Build a Better Monster: Morality, Machine Learning, and Mass Surveillance

Maciej Cegłowski. The economic basis of the Internet is surveillance. Short term fixes (security, ephemerality and defunding) are feasible, but we need to make structural changes.

Los arquitectos de Internet se revelan contra el copyright de Bruselas: “Es una amenaza para las libertades”

“Si hubiera estado vigente cuando se desarrollaron los protocolos principales de Internet, es poco probable que hoy existiera tal y como lo conocemos.”

Looking for Life on a Flat Earth

The astronauts are Freemasons, sworn to secrecy. The other workers, the engineers and functionaries, have either been duped or don’t want to speak out, for fear of losing their jobs. [And they’re all Satanists and Luciferians on the top.]

Les deixalles de l’antic règim rematant la seva pròpia transició. Cada dia.

Avui el corrector de l’iPhone m’ha canviat ‘inventar’ per ‘intentar’. Exactament com aquell linotipista a Joan Fuster. I jo m’he sentit transportat.

Kurt Vonnegut, Escorxador-5. El soldat Billy Pilgrim es va desenganxar del temps quan el van capturar els alemanys. Una mica abans que l’enviessin a Dresden. Els platets voladors van venir després. Però abans i després ja no significaven gran cosa!

Sunday Morning 2018-06-10

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Coses que he llegit aquests darrers dies.

Don’t call me a customer, treat me like a human: rethinking relationships in public services

We need to find ways for even big organisations to feel small.

Rich people are buying up dinosaurs because museums are too poor to get them

“Fossil specimens that are sold into private hands are lost to science.”

A debate over plant consciousness is forcing us to confront the limitations of the human mind

What if everything around us is intelligent in its own way, and we’re just not smart enough to see it?

La falta de continuïtat és un problema que les organitzacions tenen en comú amb els serials de ficció. Ignorar el que va passar o es va fer abans perquè (raó o excusa) ho van escriure uns altres guionistes. S’arreglaria amb bons arxius i ganes de llegir els guions anteriors.

George Orwell, La rebel·lió dels animals: el pròleg de 1984. Retrat mordaç —i veraç— de l’estalinisme i de la reversió del somni revolucionari de 1917.

12 must-know statistics on cloud usage in the enterprise

  1. The average enterprise uses 1,427 distinct cloud services.
  2. The average employee actively uses 36 cloud services at work.
  3. The average enterprise uses 210 distinct collaboration cloud services.
  4. The average enterprise uses 76 distinct file sharing cloud services.
  5. 18.1 percent of files uploaded to cloud-based file-sharing and collaboration services contain sensitive data.
  6. 2.7 percent of files shared in the cloud have access permissions that make them publicly accessible.
  7. 71.3 percent of all cloud services at use are enterprise-focused and 28.7 percent are consumer ones.
  8. The average enterprise experiences 23.2 cloud-related threats per month.
  9. The average enterprise experiences 10.9 cloud-related insider threats per month.
  10. Of the known cloud services, only 8.1 percent meet the strict data security and privacy requirements of enterprises, as defined by Skyhigh’s CloudTrust Program.
  11. 31.3 percent of all cloud services are blocked at enterprises because they are too risky.
  12. The most commonly blocked cloud service is Pirate Bay.

Sunday Morning 2018-06-03

A woman wearing a skirt walking through the war-torn city of Gunkanjima

Photo by Jordy Meow on Unsplash

Algunes coses que hem llegit aquesta setmana.

Manuel Vázquez Montalbán: Manifiesto anti-corrupción

…un particular estado de socorros mutuos al que alguien llegó a llamar bloque constitucional, contribuyendo así a la sospecha antigua y moderna de que Dios los crea y ellos se juntan.

Alberto Manguel: Stevenson sota les palmeres

…que «el nostre destí és el fracàs» i que, per tant, l’èxit vertader resideix en l’esforç i en el camí triat.

No one’s ready for GDPR

“For many years it’s been, ‘How much data can we trick people into giving us?’ and ‘We’ll figure out how to use it later!’… There are some companies we’ve talked to, where they say, ‘Are you kidding? If we told them how we were using their data, they’d never give it to us in the first place.”

187 Things the Blockchain Is Supposed to Fix

From poverty to Skynet, including “people not taking their medicine”.

Every story in the world has one of these six basic plots

Using sentiment analysis —a statistical technique often applied to social media posts— the University of Vermont’s Computational Story Lab has mined over 1,700 English novels to reveal six basic story types: 1. Rags to riches — Rise 2. Riches to rags — Fall 3. Icarus – Rise, fall 4. Oedipus — Fall, rise, fall 5. Cinderella — Rise, fall, rise 6. Man in a hole — Fall, rise