Sunday Morning 2018-11-11

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Algunes lectures potser remarcables d’aquests darrers dies.

What if the placebo effect isn’t a trick?

Wake a patient from surgery and tell him you’ve done an arthroscopic repair, and his knee gets better even if all you did was knock him out and put a couple of incisions in his skin. Give a drug a fancy name, and it works better than if you don’t. You don’t even have to deceive the patients.

Dead brothel owner wins Nevada state assembly seat

Dennis Hof died last month after celebrating his 72nd birthday. The cause of death is still under investigation. He was elected to the state assembly by more than 7,000 votes.

Seams, Stitches, And The Decline Of The Mac

Now, their only clear product positioning is the iPhone: they present it as the best, most privacy-conscious device for managing your life […] The rest of their line-up, however, is just a jumbled mess […] Given Apple’s inability to commit to making the improvements the Mac and the iPad need to improve as productivity devices and their seeming unwillingness to invest in the Mac, the sensible thing for users to do is to migrate away from using Apple devices for work or for creativity. Apple’s obsession with secrecy means we have no idea what they’re planning to do with the Mac (or, honestly, the iPad). Which wouldn’t be a problem if we could trust that Apple wasn’t planning to abandon us as a target market.

This Tiny Picture on Twitter Contains the Complete Works of Shakespeare

Buchanan explained that Twitter strips most metadata from images, but the service leaves a particular type called ICC untouched. This is where Buchanan stored his data of choice, including ZIP and RAR archives.

Blockchain explained: What it is and isn’t, and why it matters

Podcast transcript with graphics and tables. Five common blockchain myths and six categories of use cases in two areas: record keeping (storage of static information) and transactions (tradeable information).

Robert Gottlieb: “No suelto un texto hasta estar seguro de que es su mejor versión”

Rechazó La conjura de los necios y no se arrepiente; si Lauren Bacall no hubiese sido siete años mayor habrían salido juntos; Bob Dylan fue un merecidísimo Nobel; y Salman Rushdie se ponía furioso por nada.

In the era of websites and content management systems, we were the clients. In the era of platform-based social networks we were the product. What do we become in a world of artificial intelligence, linked data and cryptographic functions?

E-Learning 3.0 MOOC

Sunday Morning 2018-11-04

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Algunes coses que hem llegit aquests dies.

The How, Why, and Whether of Custom Digital Avatars That Live on After We Die

The reams of data we’re creating could soon make it possible to create digital avatars that live on after we die, aimed at comforting our loved ones or sharing our experience with future generations.

4 human-caused biases we need to fix for machine learning

  1. Sample bias: data used to train the model is not representative enough.
  2. Prejudice bias: data is influenced by cultural or other stereotypes.
  3. Measurement bias: there’s an issue with the device used to observe or measure.
  4. Algorithm bias: models with high variance can easily fit complexity but are sensitive to noise; models with high bias are less sensitive to variations and prone to missing complexities.

There May Soon Be Three Internets. America’s Won’t Necessarily Be the Best.

As governments push toward a splintered internet, American corporations do little to counteract Balkanization and instead do whatever is necessary to expand their operations. If the future of the internet is a tripartite cold war, Silicon Valley wants to be making money in all three of those worlds.

Philip K. Dick, A Scanner Darkly. Lectura recomanada per a aspirants a drogoaddictes. O a agents antinarcòtics. Ara hi veiem de manera fosca, com en un mirall poc clar…

Sunday Morning 2018-10-28

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Coses que he llegit aquests dies.

Devil’s interval: What makes music sound scary?

Played in sequence or together, the notes F and B clash in a way that feels twitchy, unnatural, and foreboding… the demonic combo was taboo in medieval Europe and referred to as diablous in musica—literally, ”Satan in music.” But it was later embraced by the likes of Berlioz and Beethoven—and, much later, by Black Sabbath and Metallica.

Trump, stochastic terror and the hate that ends in violence

Back in 2011, an anonymous writer coined the term “stochastic terrorism” to refer to “the use of mass communication to incite random actors to carry out violent or terrorist acts that are statistically predictable but individually unpredictable,” or, in other words “remote control terror by lone wolf.”

The First Novel Written by AI Is Here—and It’s as Weird as You’d Expect It to Be

Last year, a novelist went on a road trip across the USA. The trip was an attempt to emulate Jack Kerouac—to go out on the road and find something essential to write about in the experience. There is, however, a key difference… This writer is just a microphone, a GPS, and a camera hooked up to a laptop and a whole bunch of linear algebra.

Three Things You May Misunderstand About the Creative Commons Licenses

The creator of a work may prohibit you from attributing them. And private uses of adapted material from SA and ND works are allowed.

New study claims data harvesting among Android apps is “out of control”

…information shared by these third-party apps can include age, gender, location, and information about a user’s other installed apps… Google and Facebook are the biggest beneficiaries.

Doctors in Montreal will start prescribing visits to the art museum

“In the 21st century, culture will be what physical activity was for health in the 20th century.”

Your Poop Is Probably Full of Plastic

…of the ten types of plastic that the researchers screened for, nine were detected. On average, the researchers turned up 20 particles of microplastic per quarter pound of poop… “Everywhere we look for microplastics we find them.”

iPhone = Leica

Think about it—in the early days of Leica the little cameras were a) low in prestige compared to larger, more “serious” cameras; b) technically inferior; c) not taken seriously by initiates and cognoscenti; quick and stealthy and not often noticed or given much regard; yet d) capable of “good enough” results. The pictures were often “better” in terms of being visually dynamic and lively rather than in bourgeois technical fastidiousness or perfection. Leica photography was (or could be) iconoclastic, disruptive, subversive.

Sunday Morning 2018-10-21

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Lectures potser remarcables d’aquests darrers dies.

Digital immortality: How your life’s data means a version of you could live forever

[Hossein Rahnama] is building an application called Augmented Eternity; it lets you create a digital persona that can interact with people on your behalf after you’re dead.

We can now customize cancer treatments, tumor by tumor

But can any company afford to manufacture one-off medical care?


And so it is that every year on October 9, in conjunction with celebrating Valencian identity, lucky lovers find themselves unwrapping an explosive history of peace, war, and love.

Chinese city ‘plans to launch artificial moon to replace streetlights’

According to an account in the People’s Daily, the artificial moon is “designed to complement the moon at night”, though it would be eight times as bright. The “dusk-like glow” of the satellite would be able to light an area with a diameter of 10-80km, while the precise illumination range could be controlled within tens of metres – enabling it to replace streetlights.

Rhythm in Web Typography

Just like in music, where order is more pleasurable to our ears than chaos, so is a well-designed text with an established rhythm easier to read and more enjoyable to consume by our eyes.

Public Projects – Michael Pederson

Conceptual, street art. Warning Signs and Other Humorous and Unexpected Interventions by Michael Pederson

There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute

In conclusion, the two expressions “there’s a fool born every minute” and “there’s a sucker born every minute” both had anonymous attributions initially. Over time they were reassigned to prominent individuals of the time period. However, only the fame of P. T. Barnum has endured.

EtherTweet – Microblogging on the Ethereum Blockchain

This repository contains the code of a decentralized microblogging service running on the Ethereum blockchain.


Tutorial for implementing a mini blockchain application implemented in Python from scratch.

Quimi Portet: «Lo que yo siempre he hecho es música popular contemporánea»

Yo habría sido el superraro y Manolo el superpachanguero. Pero la gracia del encuentro placentero entre la pachanga y el underground fue lo que hizo a la banda. No fue un choque, y ninguno renunciaba a nada. Simplemente nos limitamos el uno al otro.