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Sunday Morning 2018-06-24

Photo by Gregory Morit on Unsplash

Algunes lectures potser interessants d’aquesta setmana.

Romain Gary: The greatest literary conman ever?

Hero of the French resistance, consul general in Los Angeles, Hollywood director and two-times winner of the Prix Goncourt (technically impossible according to the award’s rubric).

Build a Better Monster: Morality, Machine Learning, and Mass Surveillance

Maciej Cegłowski. The economic basis of the Internet is surveillance. Short term fixes (security, ephemerality and defunding) are feasible, but we need to make structural changes.

Los arquitectos de Internet se revelan contra el copyright de Bruselas: “Es una amenaza para las libertades”

“Si hubiera estado vigente cuando se desarrollaron los protocolos principales de Internet, es poco probable que hoy existiera tal y como lo conocemos.”

Looking for Life on a Flat Earth

The astronauts are Freemasons, sworn to secrecy. The other workers, the engineers and functionaries, have either been duped or don’t want to speak out, for fear of losing their jobs. [And they’re all Satanists and Luciferians on the top.]

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