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Sunday Morning 2018-02-04

Photo by Martin Wessely on Unsplash

Algunes lectures d’aquests darrers dies.

Google and Facebook are watching our every move online. It’s time to make them stop

76% of websites contain hidden Google trackers; 24% have hidden Facebook trackers.

Las desigualdades económicas marcan el nivel de supervivencia de los pacientes de cáncer

Richard Sullivan: “La oncoplutocracia, mediante la que solo los pacientes y países ricos se benefician de los progresos contra el cáncer, tiene que parar”.

How Photographers Captured the Incarceration of Japanese Americans During WWII

Japanese Americans had less than a week to register and pack up before they were moved to temporary detention centers. Each family was given a number. Then they were moved to one of ten camps across the country.

Panpsychism: The idea that consciousness is a fundamental feature of physical matter is gaining academic credibility

The materialist viewpoint states that consciousness is derived entirely from physical matter. It’s unclear, though, exactly how this could work.

Deanonymizing Tor: Your Bitcoin Transactions May Come Back To Haunt You

The researchers started with 88 unique bitcoin addresses from Tor hidden services, and then searched 5 billion tweets and 1 million pages on the Bitcoin Talk forum — ultimately linking 125 unique users to 20 Tor hidden services.

The Man Trying to Fix Mount Everest’s Towering Poop Problem

More than 26,000 pounds of human excrement is dumped at Mount Everest’s Base Camp annually.

Un món sense treball

Joan Sanchis i Muñoz. Les conseqüències socials i polítiques de l’automatització. L’ètica del treball com a obstacle.

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