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Sunday Morning 2018-01-07

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

Algunes lectures potser interessants d’aquests darrers dies.

La memoria histórica alcanza a los símbolos racistas del Sur en Estados Unidos

Monumentos y estatuas de ese pasado terrible en EEUU y en Europa han cumplido siempre la misma función. No la de enseñar una lección de historia, sino mostrar un recuerdo positivo o incluso heroico de los líderes racistas del siglo XIX y XX para continuar influyendo en las ideas del presente. En 2017 en EEUU han decidido poner fin a ese homenaje continuo.

From Ghost to WordPress

Complaints about WordPress and reasons to go back from Ghost: no extensibility, no 3rd party apps, no IndieWeb.

El règim no funciona

La deconstrucció de la democràcia espanyola en l’informe del Consell d’Europa.

Is Blogging Dead?

I would hate the concept to be gone or even in decline. I’d prefer to think it was an essential stepping stone—that we’re still just blogging, in ways big and small, without actually using that term to describe our actions.

Chrome is turning into the new Internet Explorer 6

Google is starting to ignore a principle it championed by making its own services Chrome-only.

One city in China has more electric buses than all of America’s biggest cities have buses

Shenzhen has transitioned its 16,359 buses to a “new energy” future. The city’s 17,000 taxis are next.

This Wall of Lava Lamps Helps Encrypt the Internet

As the lava lamps bubble and swirl, a video camera on the ceiling monitors their unpredictable changes and connects the footage to a computer, which converts the randomness into a virtually unhackable code.

Pasqual Martínez i Garcia, escritor gitano valenciano del siglo XIX

Escribió en valenciano pero introdujo numerosos gitanismos.

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