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Sunday Morning 2017-12-03

Lectures d’aquesta setmana.

Study Finds ‘Dark Matter’ and ‘Dark Energy’ May Not Exist

If we treat empty space as being scale invariant, there may be no need for dark matter or dark energy at all.

Here Are 4 Significant Things We Can Do to Combat Climate Change Now

  1. Pass government legislation that incentivizes carbon abatement.
  2. Drive mass adoption of solar energy and battery technology.
  3. Adapt ourselves and our civilization to the changing climate.
  4. Invest in geo-scale engineering projects.

One of the net’s most important freedom canaries died the day the W3C greenlit web-wide DRM

People who want DRM say that they’re just trying to protect their copyrights, but it’s obvious to anyone who knows even a little about computer science that DRM is effectively useless for this purpose. But DRM laws allow companies to shut down (and even jail) anyone who breaks DRM for any reason […]

Hallan en Burgos un mensaje del siglo XVIII oculto en las nalgas de una talla de un Cristo

La Corte está en Madrid. Hay Correo y Gaceta para las noticias. Hay Inquisición, por lo cual no se experimentan errores contra la iglesia de Dios. Se contratan en funciones grandes toreros famosos de Salamanca.

Modern Potemkin Villages

Fake cities around the world.

En los prostíbulos es donde los hombres son hermanos y gozan de su masculinidad

Acostarse con quince hombres en una noche no es un trabajo. La vulnerabilidad invalida el consentimiento.