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Sunday Morning 2017-11-26

Photo by Paco S on Unsplash

Algunes lectures d’aquests darrers dies.

La universidad está en peligro y Europa es un naufragio.
From an anonymous online survey:
  • Red wine appeared to make people more lethargic than white wine
  • Respondents were most likely to report feeling relaxed when drinking red wine or beer
  • More than 40% said drinking spirits made them feel sexy
  • Over half said drinking spirits also gave them energy and confidence
  • But around a third said they felt aggressive when drinking spirits
  • Drinking spirits was more likely than all other drink types to be associated with feelings of aggression, illness, restlessness and tearfulness
  • Men were significantly more likely than women to associate feelings of aggression with all types of alcohol, particularly heavier drinkers
Sites log your keystrokes and mouse movements in real time, before you click submit.
Bots, perfiles falsos, cyborgs y granjas de trolls.

La Contrarreforma es a España lo que la Ilustración es a Francia, la revolución industrial al Reino Unido, el romanticismo a Alemania o el liberalismo a Estados Unidos.